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Captain Commanding CPT Gerard C. McCarthy

Captain McCarthy is a 1973 graduate of Arlington Senior High School in Arlington, Massachusetts. He graduated from Wentworth College in 1975 with a degree in Civil Engineering and from the University of Massachusetts at Boston in 1984 with a certificate in Landscape Design. As a Massachusetts Certified Landscape Professional, he holds a CDL License and a Hoisting Engineers License. As owner and Chief Executive of Keisha Corporation, Captain McCarthy owns and operates one of the largest and most successful landscaping and masonry businesses in New England. His numerous professional affiliations throughout his long career resulted in his selection for service as Chairman of the National Landscape Association and as a seated Director for the Massachusetts Nursery Association and the Professional Landcare Network.

Devoted to civic duty and active within his community, Captain McCarthy also holds a Director's seat on the Board of Directors of New England Memorial Hospital (Civic Advisory Board) and the Stoneham Redevelopment Committee. He holds distinguished civic memberships in the Stoneham Rotary and the Knights of Columbus, and is an Assistant Governor for Rotary International.

A military member of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company since 1979, Captain McCarthy has held various positions of leadership and responsibility which culminated in his selection by the regular membership for command in June, 2014. Captain McCarthy is married to the former Christine Fiorenza and together they have two sons, Keith and Shawn, who have joined their father in business.

Fall Field Day Tour of Duty | Honor Roll of Living Past Commanders

Fall Field Day Tour of Duty (1834 - 2013)

Each Captain Commanding arranges a Fall Field Day Tour of Duty.

1834 Newton
1835 South Boston
1836 Charlestown
1837 South Boston
1838 Salem
1839 South Boston
1840 South Boston
1841 East Boston
1842 Cambridge
1843 West Cambridge
1844 South Boston
1845 Cambridge
1846 Cambridge
1847 Concord, N.H.
1848 Cambridge
1849 Salem
1850 Cambridge
1851 Waltham
1852 Savin Hill
1853 Bellows Falls, Vt.
1854 Cambridge
1855 Providence, R.I.
1856 Cambridge
1857 Lexington
1858 Barnstable
1859 Lexington
1860 Nashua, N.H.
1861 Cambridge
1862 Malden
1863 Ipswich
1864 Plymouth
1865 Barnstable
1866 Newburyport
1867 Providence, R.I.
1868 Springfield
1869 Portland, Me.
1870 Newport, R.I.
1871 Spy Pond
1872 Duxbury
1873 Indian Hill Farm
and Newburyport
1874 Manchester, N.H.
1875 Waltham and Concord
1876 Worcester
1877 Hartford, Conn.
1878 Hingham
1879 Lowell
1880 Concord, N.H.
1881 Wellesley
1882 Marshfield
1883 New York, NY
1884 New Bedford
1885 New Haven, Conn.
1886 White Mountains, N.H.
1887 Montreal, Canada
1888 Saratoga, NY
1889 Troy and Albany, NY
1890 Philadelphia
1891 White Mountains, N.H.
1892 New York, NY
1893 Pittsfield
1894 Washington, D.C.
1895 Richmond, Va.
1896 Baltimore, Md.
1897 Syracuse/Buffalo, NY
1898 Quebec, Canada
1899 Gettysburg and Philadelphia, Pa.
1900 Montreal, Canada
1901 Boston
1902 Cleveland, Ohio
1903 Boston
1904 Norfolk, Va.
1905 Albany, NY
1906 Atlantic City, N.J.
1907 Toronto, Canada
1908 Detroit, Mich.
1909 Milwaukee, Wis.
1910 Bangor, Portland and Kinco, Me.
1911 Bermuda
1912 Springfield, Mass., Burlington, Vt.,
 and White Mts., N.H.
1913 Rochester, NY
1914 Gettysburg and Philadelphia, Pa.
1915 Richmond, Va.
1916 Atlantic City, N.J.
1917 Providence and Newport, R.I.
1918 Lowell
1919 (Omitted - Boston Police Strike)
1920 Montreal and Ottawa, Canada
1921 New York, NY and Plymouth, Mass.
1922 Bermuda
1923 Quebec & Saguenay River, Canada
1924 Philadelphia, Pa. and Atlantic City, N.J.
1925 Havana, Cuba
1926 Montreal & Saguenay River, Canada
1927 St. John N.B.
1928 Toronto, Canada
1929 Halifax, N.S., Canada
1930 Quebec & Saguenay River, Canada
1931 Nassau, Bahamas Islands
1932 Baltimore,Washington,
 and Mt. Vernon, VA
1933 Saint John, N.B.
1934 Ottawa, Canada
1935 Valley Forge/Philadelphia, PA
1936 Richmond, VA
1937 Saint John, N.B
1938 Havana, Cuba
1939 Atlantic City, NJ
1940 Fishers Island, NY
1941 Montreal, Canada
1942 Burlington, VT
1943 Boston, MA
1944 Boston, MA
1945 Quebec & Saguenay River, Canada
1946 Ottawa, Canada
1947 Saint John, N.B., Canada
1948 Bermuda
1949 Toronto, Canada
1950 Montreal, Quebec & Saguenay River,  Canada
1951 Portsmouth and New Castle, NH
1952 Havana, Cuba & Nassau, Bahamas
1953 Ottawa, Canada
1954 London, England and Paris, France
1955 Miami Beach, FL
1956 Brussels, Belgium & Holland
1957 The West Indies
1958 Rome, Italy and Nice, France
1959 London, England & Munich, Germany
1960 Bermuda & Miami Beach, FL
1961 Washington, DC and New  Orleans, LA
1962 Copenhagen, Denmark and  Stockholm,  Sweden
1963 Madrid, Spain and Rome, Italy
1964 Honolulu, Hong Kong, Tokyo,  Japan  & Stockholm, Sweden
1965 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Buenos  Aires, Argentina
1966 Vienna, Austria and Geneva,  Switzerland
1967 Berlin, Germany and Estoril, Portugal
1968 Athens, Greece, Beirut, Lebanon
and Palma de Mallorca, Spain
1969 Sydney, Australia, Auckland, New  Zealand and Tahiti
1970 Amsterdam, Holland and Budapest,  Hungary
1971 London, England
1972 Paris, France, Torremolinos, Spain
 and Tangiers, Morocco
1973 Hamburg, Germany
1974 Moscow, U.S.S.R., Copenhagen,  Denmark and Dublin, Ireland
1975 Rome, Italy, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem,  Israel
1976 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1977 India, Yugoslavia
1978 London, England, Brussels, Belgium
1979 Montreal, Canada, San Juan, Puerto  Rico
1980 Ottawa and Vancouver, Canada
1981 Honolulu and San Francisco
1982 Sydney, Australia, Auckland, New  Zealand and Honolulu, Hawaii
1983 Republic of Korea, Hong Kong
1984 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1985 Hamburg and Copenhagen
1986 Helsinki, Leningrad, Stockholm
1987 London, Rome
1988 Munich, Berlin
1989 Washington, DC, Tokyo, Japan,  Bangkok and Pattaya, Thailand
1990 Monte Carlo, Monaco, Cannes,  France Amsterdam, Holland
1991 Budapest, Hungary, Marbella, Spain
1992 South Africa, Rio de Janeiro
1993 Portugal, Malta, Sicily
1994 Australia, New Zealand
1995 Caribbean Tour
1996 England, France, Ireland
1997 Munich and Prague
1998 Ottawa, Canada
1999 Helsinki and Tallin
2000 Berlin and Rome
2001 Belize, Cayman Is, Mexico
2002 Budapest, Bratislava and Vienna
2003 Scotland and Iceland
2004 United States of America
2005 Zambia and South Africa
2006 Argentina
2007 Romania and United Kingdom
2008 China and Thailand
2009 France and Belgium
2010 Bulgaria and Turkey
2011 Poland, Ireland
2012 Russia
2013 London and Madrid

Honor Roll of Living Past Commanders

265th- BG Robert L. Marr

269th- MG James A. Lynch

271st- CPT J. Barry Driscoll

280th- LTC M. Joseph DeMatteo

281st- BG Joseph A. Milano

283rd- BG Reynold P. Graunas

284th- COL Leonard J. Sacco

285th- LTC Ernest C. Caggiano

287th- CPT Roy Chase,Sr.

288th- CPT Paul J. Mahoney

290th-COL John Arthur Moore

291st- BG Albert G. Fiorenza

293rd- CPT Joseph Benoit

294th- COL Stuart P. Tauber

295th- CPT George M. Morrison

296th- COL William J. O'Brien

297th- CPT Paul E. Morrill

298th- CPT Daniel G. May

299th- CPT John E. Bradley

300th- CPT Jerome V. Sweeney II

301st- MAJ Michael W. Downing

303rd- CPT Paul J. Covell

304TH- CPT Paul M.Colella

305TH- CPT Francis J. Magaletta



























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