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Elected Sergeants

The Sergeants are the backbone of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Massachusetts. They help it stand tall throughout the year. They are "on duty" during most of their twelve months...more so than most members realize. Since the chartering of the Company we have had Sergeants holding office. Six Infantry and six Artillery elected by the membership.

In March of each year the call goes out for those who wish to submit their names for this coveted office. Any member is eligible to run who has been in the Company two or more years. Realistically, there should be a through briefing of the candidtates to sttrongly impress upon them the rigors and responsibilities of this position. It is no place for someone who just wants to be rocognized. Many sergeants have priviously served in the Company's Color Guard.

At parade functions such as the Fourth of July, the review of the Mass Military Academy, Patriots Day and others, the Sergeants are there in a body. At the funeral of each Ancient who passes away during the year, the Sergeants also attend as part of the Honor Guard. At the graduation ceremonies of the Mass. Military Academy, the Sergeants make a gift of a dress uniform to the "outstanding cadet." In December the Sergeants arrange a Toys for Tots Event. Members bring in toys and also clothing to benefit the Shelter for Homeless Veterans.

The Sergeants have their own Quarters with lockers at the far right of the Armory and this area is 'off limits' to all non-officer personnel except these twelve men.

As the Sergeants assemble around the Drumhead: to count the ballots for the election of new Officers (more info June Day Parade), there is naturally a healthy mixture of relief, nostalgia, and pride. And, of course, close comreadeship with each other. Here are sergeants of diverse backgrounds, military service, occupations, and incliniations who, over tweleve months, develop into a close-knit cohesive unit.

Excerpted from:

Hail to the Sergeants ...For Firsts & Traditions by 1st Sergeant Ron Massa

Your Not an Ancient Until You've...by Lt.Col. Jack Drummey


Elected Sergeants 2016-2017


1st SGT COL James McGinn
2nd SSGT Robert T. Cooper
3rd SGT SGM Gary Mauk
4th SGT
5th SGT
6th SGT


1st SGT CW4 Stephen Boyd
2nd SSG Peter Petrillo
3rd SSG Daniel H. Carroll, Jr.
4th SGT
5th SGT
6th SGT


Drumhead Election

June Day Drumhead

June Day Drumhead

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